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A 'RHONY' Friendship Is DUNZO!

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First, former 'RHONY' star, Carole Radziwill came out and spoke about how she no longer had any friendship with Tinsley Mortimer and how their friend-mance was somewhat staged for the series. I still think Carole was envious Tins was younger and prettier but I digress. Now, there is seemingly another defunct New York friendship and it is between the Countess and longtime friend, Barbara Kavovit. As you may remember, Countess Luann de Lesseps brought Kavovit onto the show as a "friend of" last season though she had known some of the housewives prior. She was also seen during season nine talking to Ms. Radziwill about the Countess marrying her now ex-husband, Tom D'Agostino. She was heading to Florida for the New Years nuptials and was claiming Luann would rather the marriage end in divorce than admit Tom was not a great guy even though we all saw him cheating on her a week into the engagement at the end of season eight, thanks to Bethenny Frankel

In any case, both Frankel and Kavovit were there to stage the intervention which sent Luann to her second stint at rehab, causing her to miss the season 10 'RHONY' reunion but ultimately saved her relationship with her family and her life. We saw Kavovit overly standing up for de Lesseps during season 11 to the point where we wanted to pull her away and say "enough is enough, Babs. She is using you. You've done enough!" After the season ended, Babs announced she would no longer be on the show, same for Frankel, and now, Kavovit has another announcement- she has ended her 14-year friendship with the Countess. On Us Weekly's podcast, Babs had this to say:

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"The narcissism of this woman, the self-importance and her blatant disregard for people that have helped her has got to stop. Not only myself, but (our mutual friend) Ann and I'm sure Bethenny (Frankel), and even Mary, who does her makeup, we are disgusted with her. It's just her total disregard for anyone else.I have no words for her anymore." 

If you watched the three-part season 11 reunion, you are aware Barbara did not come on until the last part where she reminded Luann she was not Adele. Apparently, this is still eating away at the Countess, who's been on tour with her Cabaret show, as she addressed Babs on Jenny McCarthy's SiriusXM radio show: 

"Girlfriend, I can carry a tune, so hell with Barbara." 

To be fair, many of the housewives over the seasons have said Lu needs autotune and we have heard her in the studio so let's call a spade a spade. She's an entertainer at best. As for their friendship ending? Barbara was quite frank with the dunzo nature: 

"There is no good with Luann. I had a 14-year friendship with her that I will walk away from forever. She will never have me as a friend again." 

I guess that is the nail in the coffin for them. It will be interesting to see how many women will call out Lu during season 12 now that Bethenny is gone. We know Lu relapsed in April but she should be off of probation by now so let's see how this all plays out. The new season will begin on Bravo in early 2020 and I cannot wait but for now, catch up on old seasons on Hulu!

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