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'Vanderpump Rules' Season 8 Quick-Cap 2/25/20!

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When we last left the 'Vanderpump Rules' kids, Brittany was screaming for Jax to knock Tom Sandoval the f- out after he confronted the soon-to-be groom about their poor choice in pastors. As Lisa Vanderpump, and all of SUR and friends, had discovered, Brittany's longtime friendly pastor had made some hurtful comments towards the LGBTQ community. Being that Vanderpump is a huge supporter and Ariana has come out as bisexual, this causes major controversy. Once Lisa addressed her concerns with Jax and Brittany, they made the decision to let the pastor go, mostly to not look like bigots on TV. Instead, they have chosen to go with Lance Bass as the wedding officiator. Yeah, believable. Sandoval still could not believe the couple had turned a blind eye for months about the hatred the pastor had spewed and, it was only when Lisa confronted them, that they actually took action. 

Jax wanted an apology but days went by with no text from one of his Best Men and he made the harsh decision he was going to have to talk to him for resolution. When he did not get the ass kissing he desired, he cut Tom completely from the wedding, even as a guest. This left Ariana torn because she is supposed to be in the bridal party and she does not know what to do. Furthermore, she is suffering a major depression and cannot fathom going to Kentucky without her boyfriend by her side. She feels really torn. Over with Lala, we finally get to meet her fiance, Randall, in the flesh. After years of waiting, there he was, talking home renovations with his lady and it was...strange. That is the only way to put it. We later saw him and Lala meeting Brittany and Jax for dinner where Jax rehashed all that had happened with Sandoval like a gossipy girl. By the way Lala and Rand were dressed, they looked like they were judges of a tribunal. 

But, it was hard to keep a straight face when Rand ordered the fried chicken sandwich sans the bun times two. He and Jax went to the bathroom together and after returning, Jax asked Rand to be in his wedding since there was a void to fill. Awww, how sweet. The couples had become super close since Rand had taken Brittany and Jax on many vacays on Rand's private jet so clearly...besties. When talking about Ariana, Jax made it known Tom should focus on his girlfriend's sexuality and not the pastor of the wedding of the century. Okay, dude who got like three nose and boob jobs. Lala referred to her as a wet blanket and she has been known as a Debbie Downer but when Ariana took the time to meet with Stassi and Lala, she revealed her private hell. Stassi said she could totally relate and wanted to be there for her while Lala wished she had known this all along as we had seen her at the very bottom when her father passed away.

It all seemed to make sense but Ariana was still hesitant to be completely open with them. She did tell Tom she is struggling which is very hard for him to hear because he loves her so much. She also talked to Brittany and knows she has a decision to make. The hardest part, aside from seeing Ariana so beaten down from her personal demons, was Lisa inviting Jax and Brittany over to tell them she could not make it to the wedding because her mother had passed and she needed to be in London. She made it a point to say petty bs doesn't matter, trying to remind Jax all this crap with Sandoval doesn't matter but his thick head did not get it. Schwartz does not know how to be a best man or tie a tie but Sandoval has assured him he will help. Next week, it is wedding time. But, who will be in it and will Lisa surprise the couple? Catch it Tuesday night at 9pm only on Bravo.

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