Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Another Season 10 'Married At First Sight' Couple Dunzo!

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It's over for another 'Married At First Sight Couple' and there are still three weeks left until decision day on the actual show. First, we saw Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin file for annulment three episodes in to season 10. Now, Michael Watson and Meka Jones have confirmed they are over, as well. Watson filed for an annulment from Jones, citing fraud, with their official separation date as October 1st, 2019. They were wed in August so going by the eight weeks of the marital experiment which is 'MAFS,' this would lead fans to assume they split on decision day but we won't know until the finale airs. Here is what Watson's attorney put in the filing regarding the split: 

"Given everything that has transpired between then and now, (Michael) now believes he was defrauded into this process and the legal marriage that ensued, as it appears that the actual goal of the 'experiment' was not to form lasting, committed unions but rather to create drama and excitement for television ratings. Had (Michael) been aware of that prior to agreeing to participate, (he) would not have agreed to participate, and would not have legally married (Meka)."

Another fun fact that has come out from all of this that Meka's legal name, when she wed Michael and up until the middle of January 2020, was actually Kwaneja Jones. This is something Michael did not know since she was in the process of changing it. Do we believe this could be true, the mismatching of couples solely for entertainment value? Absolutely. However, they need to find better, more exciting people because this cast is boring af. Are you surprised by this latest break-up? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @3icecubes! And don't miss 'MAFS' every Wednesday at 8pm only on Lifetime.

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