Friday, May 15, 2020

Mandi's Thoughts on 'RHONY' Season 12 Episode 7!

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WTF is going on this season of 'RHONY' and Dorinda? Or Dorita, as Martin, the amazing boxing trainer Tinsley aka Tinsdale and Leah have been going to, refers to her. She really has reached peak insanity and it makes the show almost impossible to watch. I thought I was the only one who wanted to change the channel midway when her bullying and rude remarks towards Tinsley became too much but social media seemingly was with me. Longtime fans just threw in the towel halfway through the season 12 episode because they became incensed with Ms. Medley's atrocious behavior, not even comical anymore. It was revealed early on in the episode, via Page Six, that John and Dorinda had called it quits, something everyone was just waiting for.

It appeared everyone just tolerated John, including Dorinda and she was just happy to have him twice a week but was always hung up on her late husband, Richard. Leah noted she knew more about Richard than John which was very telling. Ramona revealed to Dorinda, during one of the Hamptons episodes, that she had heard John was out flirting and gallivanting without his girlfriend and Dorinda flipped her switch. But, Ramona was never a super John fan ever. Dorinda tried to say it was the flood in her Berkshires home attributing to her atrocious behavior but she's become just like Ramona- she gets called out for being an ass and immediately goes to crying and saying she doesn't want to be a bully but this is exactly who she has become. She also noted if it were not for John right after her husband died, she would have become an alcoholic. I will leave that right there. 

Aside from her horribly cruel words and immature behavior, Luann visited Leah at her apartment with a lot of judgment (let us not forget how Lu apartment surfed and mooched off of her friends until she went to live with Tom because she had no home in the city so she has no room to judge), Sonja peed in a corn field while acting like a complete slob (no Lady Morgan there at all), and we are all trying to figure out if we like or do not like the new "friend of" Elyse. Next week, Ramona tells Sonja to lose weight and Dorinda storms out of an event. You can catch 'RHONY' every Thursday night at 9pm only on Bravo! And tweet along with us @3icecubes!

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