Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Celebrating Pride With #Blessed by Charles Scott!

Happy Pride Month, all my ice cubies! There is nothing more I love than supporting my people in their businesses and it just seemed all too perfect that #Blessed by Charles Scott is facing a huge expansion during Pride Month. Or maybe it is just the perfect timing for this brand to explode for Billy Charles and partner, Scott Greenwood. Billy has been a good friend of mine for some time now and back in 2016, he and Greenwood launched #blessed, which was a sage infused bracelet line, all which some protective charm. They custom made a stack of three New Orleans-themed bracelets for me, all intended to bring good vibes. I was #oblessed. 

All bracelets, as aforementioned, were (and are) custom made and personally saged, to ensure all ill-will and evil spirits were cast away. Bravolebs, including Heather Marianna and Brandi Glanville, were fans and it just continued to grow. Next up were necklaces, such as the Amethyst Peaceful Vibes Stainless Steel, because not everyone loves wrist jewels. They seemingly realized the demand for expanding to other forms of accessories but what about the household? Bring on candles, tapestries, body wash, bug spray, and my new favorite obsession: T-shirts! And the best part is everything is made with all the positive vibes #Blessed can infuse! Four years have gone by and Billy is solely dedicated to expanding this dream which is quickly becoming a personal empire. From an Etsy store to a full-on website, I have no doubt in my mind we will be #Blessed by Charles Scott for a long time to come. 
*Visit them at their website 

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