Sunday, June 21, 2020

D.L. Hughley Latest Star Diagnosed With COVID!

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For anyone who is under the impression COVID is going away or under control, they might want to think again. D.L. Hughley is the latest performer to announce his novel coronavirus diagnosis despite being asymptomatic. The actor/comedian, 57, has been traveling extensively so feeling worn out and dehydrated probably did not seem out of the norm for Hughley. Unfortunately, it took him collapsing on a Nashville stage, during a performance on Friday, Juneteenth. D.L. was taken to Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville for testing, he confirmed via Instagram, and this is where he was officially diagnosed. 

"I was what they call asymptomatic. I didn't have flu-like symptoms, I didn't have shortness of breath, I didn't have difficulty breathing, I didn't have a cough, I didn't have a low grade fever. I still don't have a fever. I didn't have a loss of smell or taste, apparently I just lost consciousness."  

As of now, Hughley will spend his 14-day quarantine in his Nashville hotel room and appreciates all of the prayers he has gotten thus far. However, he would not mind some more as he is hopeful he does not develop harsh symptoms. As you may recall, CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo chipped a tooth from shaking while experiencing hallucinations and lost a good amount of weight during his battle with COVID. Viewers actually got to watch him go through it all because he still did his nightly show from home to show the reality of the virus. We wish D.L. a speedy recovery with minimal symptoms, if any!

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