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Mandi's Thoughts on 'RHONY' Season 12 Episode 10!

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What a crap show! Where's my ravioli at? Season 12 of 'RHONY' should lead to season 12 of 'Housewives Rehab' because some of these ladies have no real concept of how awful their behavior is when they are inebriated. Some are just in a permanent state of delusion and this might be the saddest part of all. Social media is getting sick of watching angry drunk women every single week and, to be honest, it's not Luann-falling-into-the-bushes funny anymore. It's disgusting. Let me just break down each cast member for episode 10, my quick thoughts, and you can draw your own conclusions.

This was supposed to be a nice girls trip to Newport, Rhode Island but we all know how those turn out.
-Ramona: she was a little rude last week when she told Leah her sister could not come after she said she could come which led to Leah's giant meltdown. Ramona wants to be this high society person but she is really this disgusting slob who believes she is so hot to trot and it is disgusting to watch her flirt. Once it was time for a nice dinner, set up by Tinsley at a restaurant her friend owns, Ramona barely looked at the table before she bee-lined to the bar. She started hitting on a man who was engaged (didn't her husband cheat on her?) and ignored the ladies. Of course, she brought Sonja along and it was downhill from there.
-Sonja: she is the most ill-mannered human being in the world and it is not even amusing anymore. She should lose her last name because, in Dorinda speak, is a slob kabob. She had no interest is getting to know Leah's sister who was taking her first post-baby vacay and did not even want to come to the table. She was too busy orally exchanging olives with the Countess and getting drunk while flirting with engaged men. At one point, she was laying down on the bed and her face was so messed up, she looked like Caitlyn Jenner. She had such an attitude and the show she and Ramona put on in refusal to sit at the table after Leah and her sister "scared" the men away was disgusting. Maybe they were trying to give Leah a taste of her own medicine but it was not Leah's dinner they were ruining. Plus, Leah went crazy outdoors last week; these witches went insane inside. Then, the next morning they had the nerve to blame the younger girls like their behavior was so normal. Pigs.
-Dorinda: she had subtitles when she spoke so you know where she was at but she loves Leah and her sister so she respected the dinner but when it got too much, she was smart enough to go back to the hotel and relax. Her biggest snafu is her obsession with Tinsley as she learned Tins was with Scott in Niagara Falls and demanded she tell the ladies or she would tell them herself. Ummmm...why? Stay in your own damn lane, lady. 
-Luann: she's just there and on everyone's side so whatever. She's back with the cabaret so there's that. Woo hoo. 
-Tinsley: she tried to have a nice dinner but that was a fail and then Dorinda was up her ass about Scott. The other women just think the two of them should be together and have kids and I agree. Seems like that will happen and I am happy for her happy ending. The only gross part for her was her revelation she has kissed her sister, Dabney in the past and then she kissed Leah. I'd rather see her make out with Leah all the time than watch Ramona and Sonja flirt with a bunch of poor men. 
-Leah: she threw a ravioli at Ramona when she disrespected her sister. Icon.  
-Elyse (friend of): she is a love her/hate her person but she pissed Ramona off because last week, she said she'd sleep with her and this week, she said she would sleep with Leah so... 

This week was gross. These women judge Leah for all these things that they've done tenfold and don't ever take accountability. I am sick of it. I want them all bitch slapped. I give Leah props for apologizing to Ramona even though she should not care to be apart of this group because they are slugs! What did you think? And do not forget to watch 'RHONY' every Thursday night on Bravo at 9pm.


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