Friday, June 26, 2020

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Suffers Miscarriage!

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It looks like the stork is visiting the cast of 'Vanderpump Rules' but it is not being so kind to one cast member. As Stassi Schroeder, who was actually let go from the long-running Bravo reality series at the beginning of the month, recently announced she and fiance, Beau Clark are expecting a baby girl in January, it turns out another Pump chica was also set to become a mom. Scheana Shay revealed she and her boyfriend, Brock Davies found out they were expecting, as well. This came as quite a surprise to the singer and reality star as she had been told her chances of conceiving naturally were very small, Shay shared on her podcast, 'Scheananigans,' earlier today, hence why she froze her eggs not once but twice.

"A few weeks ago, we found out that I was pregnant, and for those of you who have followed my fertility journey and freezing my eggs the last year and a half, I didn't think I could get pregnant on my own. My doctors told me that it would be close to impossible."

The signs she may be pregnant included a missed period and then becoming ill a day after drinking which led her to consult a tarot card reader. I would go to my doctor but hey, that is just me. She proceeded to take a pregnancy test with Brock on FaceTime and, despite it being positive, she did what many girls in her situation would do- she bought four more tests. A blood test performed by her doctor confirmed the happy news and she started practicing for motherhood and made a custom surfboard for her father to let him know he'd be a grandfather. What an awesome Father's Day gift. But soon, Sheana's dreams were shattered during a vacation with the father-to-be.

The 35-year-old says she "felt off" and was "bleeding all weekend." A severe drop in progesterone had led to this and not even progesterone pills could save her. “My OB got me in early, they did an ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. There was just nothing progressing, nothing going on inside. There were parts that he could see were starting to form, and it just didn’t. So obviously, [that was] just devastating. We were so excited. Gone so quickly. It’s still been a lot to process.”

Scheana is currently at home, waiting for the miscarriage to happen naturally but her mind, heart, and body are very much feeling the sting of losing a baby at six weeks. She still wants to try again as she shared twins run in her family and she does want a little girl. Brock, for his part, has two boys from a previous relationship. She did say that, despite what she is going through, she is "so happy" for Stassi but I can only imagine how hard it is to watch someone else have what you so desperately want. We wish Scheana the best during this very difficult time and wish her a very speedy recovery!

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