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Ramona Singer Claps Back About A "Crappy" Rumor!

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Last night, prior to the latest episode of 'RHOBH' premiering, there was some 'RHONY' drama playing out. A Cameo video, filmed by newcomer and "friend of," Elyse Slaine, started circulating the internet, including Twitter, and let me tell you, it was a delight to see. She basically talked about how OG housewife, Ramona Singer bragged about having 50 best friends but was down to 49 because Elyse was no longer one of them. If you have watched this season at all, you know she has very good reason to sever ties with the friendship as Singer has been no friend to really anyone on the show. 
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Elyse made a point of saying when she had riches and access to plastic surgeons and such, Singer was up her butt but now, she could give a damn. That's so Ramona. In any case, while filming this Cameo, there was a special guest appearance by fellow 'RHONY' season 12 newcomer, Leah McSweeney, who is vacationing with Slaine at her Hamptons home. The Cameo quickly turned to a dirty little secret about Singer, 63 that was both hilarious and somewhat believable:

“Really, Ramona, with, ‘I’ve got 50 best friends.’ Well guess what, b–ch, now she’s down to 49, cuz I am out," Slaine started the video. “I have a friend who wants to give you a little tea about why Ramona can’t meet a man.” ENTER LEAH. “She s–ts during sex.” 

Elyse smiled and did not dispute the claim. This is not the first time a member of the McSweeney family has accused Ramona of having a problem with her bowels. After their Rhode Island trip, which went horribly awry and ended with Leah, 37 throwing ravioli at Singer, Leah's younger sister, Sarah took to social media to set the record straight about a few things. 

"Omg you are embarrassed by my sister @leahmob for entertaining you all at that boring dinner party? I was embarrassed when you pooped your pants the next night at dinner and were still prancing around trying to flirt with drunk married men with 'soiled' pants on. (Elyse Slaine) was my witness. But she was being a good friend and trying to distract me from your shit stained pants. And @averysinger please get your mom some depends."

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The RI trip took a turn when Leah asked Ramona if she could invite her sister, Sarah for a night since she had just had a baby and Leah felt this would be a good chance for her to get away and meet her friends. Ramona said okay but reneged the offer leading Leah to rebel and go off the walls. Ramona likes to shame people if they act a little off the cuff but never takes accountability for her own crappy behavior (like the time she threw a glass at Kristen Taekman's lip in season 6 and drew blood). When Sarah did arrive, she made her feel unwelcome and when they all went to a dinner at Tinsley Mortimer's friend's restaurant, Singer and Sonja Morgan spent so much time at the bar and fixated on flirting with betrothed men rather than sitting for a proper dinner. It was a mess of a vacay. Ramona has been a constant cause of rudeness towards everyone this season, even telling bestie, Morgan, she needs to lose weight. So, how has she reacted to this Cameo video?

For those unsure of what a Cameo is, fans can order their favorite celebs to make special videos for themselves or loved ones for a fee. Elyse just happened to be the chosen one and we are blessed to have seen the video; Singer is not so happy and has fought back via social media, as most people do. The video was posted on the @BravoHistorian's Instagram page and this was what Ramona said:

“There is absolutely no truth to this. These girls are blatantly lying to create fake news in order to try and gain their own fame. It is very sad, immature and quite frankly mean girl behavior. The both have daughters and Nicole Slaine @nikislaine is a family friend. What example are they sending them … that bullying is acceptable.”

Bringing kids into it was a big mistake and, in Leah's words- "SHOTS FIRED!" Leah replied: 
“OK geriatric Regina George AKA miss all lives matter don’t worry about the example I set for my daughter. She has an open mind and heart. Treats all with respect. Sees every race, religion, sexuality as equal. Elyse was ur actual friend (no idea why). You don’t deserve Elyse. OH HELL NO BITCH!”

Elyse has yet to say anything publicly but the reunion is set to film next month and pending any further pandemic issues in NYC, it will be in person. Ramona is actually the only 'RHONY' housewife to have tested positive for COVID but everyone is optimistic they will be hashing it out on the couches come August. I am so ready for Leah and Elyse to go for Ramona. I want her to finally be lower leveled because she has always been such a mean girl and gotten away with it. No more. You can catch new episodes of 'RHONY' every Thursday night on Bravo at 9pm. 


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