Friday, October 30, 2020

How Did Season 10 of 'Married At First Sight' End?


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Last night was the grand finale of season 1o of 'Married At First Sight' and we got to see where all the couples officially stood after decision day! We will see of what we thought would happen actually matched up with what really occurred right now! Check it out!

-Amelia and Bennett: Super bummed when Amelia admitted she only signed up for the show because she wanted to be on a reality show yet Bennett professed his love for his bride with a hip/butt tattoo of her initials. He even moved to Virginia with her so she could continue her dreams of being a doctor. As of the reunion, they are still happy in VA, where she works long hours and he even got a job helping people switch to solar. They are still writing music and performed a song for host, Kevin Frazier. They have shelved baby talk and are just enjoying 8pm bedtimes and each other. 

-Brett and Olivia: the couple who called it quits halfway through still seem to want nothing to do with each other though we believe if Brett could bed Olivia, he still would. He's been dating up a storm, though he tried to act all smooth, like he's only dating here and there. Olivia shared her friends are matching on dating sites with him left and right and she gets the screenshots constantly. She does not understand if he was a cheap guy or wanted to save his money why he is so free with splurging on these dates. Good point, Olivia. It is clear she wanted an adventure buddy; someone who just wanted to live life and wanted to live within their means while still enjoying the finest things. Brett assumed he was one of the finest things and he was really just a cheap, nasty wine. He ditched the last part of the reunion. No love lost there.

-Woody and Amani: They brought the experts to tears on decision day with their love and there was no doubt they have a deep, true connection. But, the previews indicated Woody had a secret and we were convinced he had a secret love child and it was all going to end. His secret was...he got on one knee and tearfully gave his bride a custom diamond ring because, even though she had one the show gave her, he wanted to give her one personally from him. They are perfect, amazing. Don't ever change! 

-Henry and Christina: We don't care for them. He's sweet but boring and she's a liar who wears too much makeup. She's seeing someone and has been in Mexico trying to avoid the negative things being said about "both of them." No, about you, Christina. You're mean. You're a liar. Henry will find someone, male or female, who loves him and is not you. Bye.

-Karen and Miles: We thought they'd break up by now. We were wrong. They have consummated their marriage and she seems so much lighter. Her mom loves Miles and calls him multiple times a day. They are very happy together and she finally saw what we have seen since the beginning and that probably didn't hurt. To see all these women wanting your husband and seeing how sweet and amazing he was/is and you're just cold and blind to it- that'll open your eyes. They live next to Woody and Amani now so yay!

Three out of five marriages lasted so that is 60%- a D for the experts! A D Pastor Cal, Dr. Viv, and Dr. Pepper! Next season starts in January and this one involves a pregnancy! We want at least an 80%, okay?! What did you think of this season? Let us know in the comments or in on Twitter @3icecubes!

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