Friday, October 2, 2015

ABCFamily Devastates Fans With Cancellation!

As many shows are coming back for the Fall season, we are learning that not every fave has been renewed. ABCFamily has announced that after two seasons, "Chasing Life" will not return. Fans were left with the cast in Rome as April decided that she was stopping certain treatments for her cancer and just going to live what's left of her life. And that is where the story ends. As a viewer, I think that there should at least be a two-hour special or six special episodes to just wrap everything up the way that we want it to be. Maybe a petition can help. On top of that, "Pretty Little Liars" is coming to an end within a year or so. I really cannot take this! My heart hurts! What do you have to say about this? Too soon or has "Chasing Life" run its course? 

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