Friday, November 20, 2015

Grey's Anatomy Winter Finale Quick-Cap 11/19/15

It is time for the Winter Finale of "Grey's Anatomy" and in case you missed it, we have all the necessary details that you need! The whole episode revolved around a fire that went array and taking in burn victims and firefighters, this being Bailey's first big assignment. Here's how the night played out:

  • Everyone was mean to Jo.
  • Arizona had the courage to hit on a new girl but she had a partner so she and Webber are still on the prowl.
  • Avery and April still do not know where they are headed after having sex.
  • Nathan and Owen are brothers.
  • They had a sister and that is the source of their hatred.
  • Alex proposed to Jo.
  • Jo did not say anything as she was ready to leave him.
  • Maggie and intern Andrew are a new couple.
  • Amelia fought with Meredith so she relapsed and had a drink.
And that is pretty much it. We are going to have to wait until February 11th to find out what Jo says to Alex and learn even more about Owen and Nathan plus will Avery and April stay together? And is Amelia headed down a bad road again? Time will tell! Enjoy!

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