Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jackson Family Patriarch Not Expected to Live!

On the heels of Janet Jackson announcing that she is expecting her first child at the age of fifty, the Jackson family is having a bit of a setback. Patriarch Joe Jackson was hospitalized today, according to Radar and is not expected to make it. A source who is supposedly close to the Jackson's, had this to say: "Joe was rushed to a nearby hospital and he is not expected to make it." Joe, 87 was at the doctor's office when he allegedly spiked a fever, causing him to be admitted to the hospital. He has come back from a stroke with the help of wife Katherine. The Jackson family has been through the ringer in the past four+ decades.
Son and King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was bombarded by press after he was accused of molestation on a few accounts and eventually passed away in June of 2009. 
Sister LaToya has had her own interesting life while Janet has had so much success and has been able to keep her personal life extremely private but was very verbal when she canceled her tour this year to start a family. 

Joe's grandchildren have had their own battles since father Michael passed away but it was Paris, now 18, who had the hardest time as she was treated for a bevy of issues and even went on to live with her biological mother and Michael's second wife, Debbie Roe. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Jackson family during this trying time. 

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