Wednesday, August 24, 2016

RHONY Pre-Season Finale Quick-Cap!

LuAnn courtesy of

Are you at work, setting up your new dorm or busy getting the kids ready to go back to school so you cannot catch up on this insane season of "The Real Housewives of New York City" before the season finale this evening? Never fear; Three Ice Cubes is here to fill you in on all the drama that went down before, what is said to be an epic season finale!! Get ready for a rollercoaster ride down memory lane!

Here we go!

  • LuAnn moved in with Sonja so they would not be lonely...and had hair extensions for a hot second. (blink and you missed it!)
  • Bethenny is mad at Sonja for wanting to start a company similar to Skinny Girl. Get over it Bethenny.
  • Bethenny could not stop bleeding and no one knew why. 
  • She even started having epic cramps in the middle of the nicest Home Goods we have ever seen in our lives while shopping with Dorinda.
  • Dorinda is still with John; no one likes him but she does so hey...
  • Speaking of Dorinda, she has introduced LuAnn to her new love!
  • Her new love is named Tom, accurately pronounced #Twom. 
  • He has a past.
  • Twom was Sonja's f**k buddy for ten years.
  • He also dated Ramona.
  • Jules is the newest cast member who harps on being half Asian and half Jewish.
  • Her husband Michael sucks and they are now getting divorced.
  • She also paid a "potty whisperer" two thousand dollars to potty train her daughter. 
  • She had and has an eating disorder and the skinniest of cast members kind of joke about it...because they are bitches.
  • Carole is still with her young boyfriend and they are writing a book.
  • She had some sort of elite dog wedding.
  • She's also besties with Bethenney.
  • Bethenny is a bitch.
  • She called Dorinda the village idiot!
  • Twom proposed to LuAnn but then was caught cheating before his engagement party.
  • Bethenny has the evidence on her phone.
  • Sonja has kept her cool the entire time this sham engagement has been going on and she wins the award for most awesome cast member. 
  • Bethenny is so rude and is loving that she has the Twom evidence.
  • Tonight, LuAnn will see the evidence and call Twom out on it...BUT HOW WILL IT END?
Come back tonight to see it all go down on Bravo at 9p.m. And do not forget to watch the best Dorinda impression ever courtesy of Jerry O'Connell on YouTube. He's better than Dorida!

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