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AD Revealed on "Pretty Little Liars" Series Finale!

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After 7 years, we finally have some semblance of answers when it comes to "Pretty Little Liars" and who has been running this sick, twisted game. We know that it has been kept in the family: the Drake family, which means Spencer was heavily involved and did not even know it. So, who was AD? If you did not watch the finale, you can exit now or keep reading for mass spoilers!

AD is...Spencer's identical twin, Alex! She was from England and came after Spencer was taken by the Hastings. She was sold to a family overseas and lived a rough life but met up with Charlotte and together, they formed a bond, as this was the only blood Alex knew. She began dating Wren and, along with Archer/Rollins, they would go on dates with Charlotte and it was the perfect foursome. Charlotte was running the game until her death and then it was time for Alex to avenge all of that and fool the liars. She did quite a good job of it, playing Spencer and all but she started to love the idea of family, friendship, and forgiveness as well as Toby that she could not let go.

Who was under her wing? Jenna but that was because she would promise her money for eye surgery which never worked. As for Mona? She was just trying to take the game back, tricking viewers into thinking she was Melissa so we would suspect what we thought all along. So, how did the series end? Just like this!

  • Fast forward a year and Mona was released and went to live with Hanna and Caleb, now actively trying for a baby and quite successful but not really happy together.
  • Ali and Emily have twin girls and become engaged halfway through.
  • Ezra and Aria are planning their wedding but sadly, Aria learns she cannot have kids right before the wedding.
  • Spencer is living on a farm and going to law school.
  • Ezra does not show up at the wedding. 
  • He has been captured by Alex as has Spencer. 
  • They are trapped in a makeshift Rosewood and Mary Drake is there, as well.
  • Wren is the father of Ali and Emily's babies but he is dead. 
  • Jenna was the one who phoned Toby to alert him to there being two Spencers. 
  • He got to everyone right in time and they headed to an address that Mona was able to hack.
  • Ezra and Spencer were able to escape and everyone showed up along with the police but Toby had to identify the real Spencer so he asked to recite her favorite poem from a book she gave him.
  • Crisis averted. Mary and Alex Drake in custody, Aria and Ezra married, Hanna and Caleb are happily in love (and expecting), Toby and Spencer look like they have a future, and Ali and Emily look like the next two to be wed.
  • Mona is off in Paris with a new man, it seems and she has new dolls...the Drake's but it could all be her delusion. 
  • At the very end, we see a new set of teens and it ends the way the series began...with a friend going missing. The circle of PLL life!
So, there you have it. How it ended, who AD is, and her motive. As a fan, I was not that happy with the ending as I knew there were twins somewhere in the original book and had somewhat suspected Spencer but I wanted it to be a key player but for a shocking reason. I felt it was a cop out and though it is over for the original five, it seems like there is so much more that could have been done. But, I am happy that they all ended up where they deserved to be and no one was left behind! AD...Alex Drake. All makes sense now!

*You can catch the whole series on Netflix starting next month. 

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