Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mandi's Review of "A Star Is Born"

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Mandi here and typically, I don't fancy movie theaters. I grew up with my dad constantly taking me to movies every single week until there was not a movie we hadn't seen, good or bad. Fast forward 22 years and I am extremely opposed to spending $10 on a ticket, $7 on popcorn and $5 on a drink just for an "ehhhh" movie. The last film I saw was "Jigsaw" about a year ago because I love me some "Saw" films but I have rules: unless it is part of a horror franchise I am obsessed with; has four main characters named Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda; or has singing chipmunks, I am probably going to wait until it comes out on DVD or to cable, Hulu, or Netflix. But, my mom and I are extremely close and we keep picking movies we say we will go see and never end up finding the time. Then, "A Star Is Born" was fixing to come out and I knew mom really wanted to see it. I was also curious to see Lady Gaga's acting chops in motion so we set a date and stuck to it.

 This is not my style of movie, just to be clear. There's music, it's a love story, romance; a little too mushy for me. And if there is a chance I might cry, just count me out. I still have trouble watching Big leave Carrie on their wedding day in the "Sex and the City" movie, if that tells you anything about me. But, I went. I have not seen the previous "A Star Is Born" films so I had nothing to compare it to and was not jaded; I felt lucky in a sense. This is what I will say about the film: run, do not walk, to see this film! And if you cannot run, get a tram or whatever mechanical device will get you there fastest. 

Lady Gaga gives an amazing performance. We already know she can sing; this is non-negotiable but she looked incredible as a down-home girl with brown hair and slight make-up. In fact, she looked so much younger and I actually appreciated her more. Her talent is clear and let's talk about her chemistry with Bradley Cooper. We all know he is an amazing actor but this role was meant for him. The love they had for each other, despite it being somewhat tumultuous, was beautiful and powerful. You wanted them to succeed even though you could sense it would not last. Even the most beautiful flowers eventually wilt. It was engaging, captivating, romantic but not sickeningly so and the 2 hours/17 minutes went by in a blink. 

Even those who are like me with their tastes in movies will appreciate it, if only for the music and acting. It will make you want to fall in love and forget that "La La Land" crap. City of Stars, what! This movie is bound for several Oscars and has solidified Lady Gaga as an all-around threat. My one complaint: she wears one hideous wig in the film! Even Gaga should have known better. And watch out for an unrecognizable Andrew Dice Clay! 

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