Friday, January 25, 2019

P. Diddy's Ex, Kim Porter's Cause of Death Now Known!

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Diddy fans were shocked to find out his baby mama and ex-girlfriend, Kim Porter had passed away. It appeared she had been sick with cold/flu symptoms and had reportedly visited a doctor to address her symptoms but no one thought her to be this sick. US Weekly obtained the Coroner's report which stated the cause of death, which occurred November 15th.The model died from lobar pneumonia, therefore it is a natural cause death. 

Essentially, lobar pneumonia is an infection of the lung, cause being bacteria. Without oxygen to the lungs, which pneumonia prohibits, rapid death is possible. The 47-year-old left behind four children, three she had with Diddy. Through the mogul, the ex-duo had Christian, 20 and twin girls, Jessie James and D'Lila, 12. Diddy spoke at Porter's funeral and commented about how she was always a support system for him and a big motivator, even after they had split. We wish nothing but peace for him and her four kids during this time and hope this helps to close the chapter some.

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