Thursday, May 30, 2019

'The Real World' Returns on Facebook!

photo courtesy of Facebook Watch

'The Real World' is back but this time around, it is not airing on MTV. The iconic, and original reality series, will actually air on Facebook Watch for the new season and be available for viewing in the afternoon. The setting is the now-controversial Atlanta, Georgia, which makes one wonder if they would have still filmed there if the bans had gone into effect prior to filming. The same premise still remains: seven strangers living in a house but as they have done over the past several seasons, there is always some sort of twist to keep up with the more tantalizing reality shows. So, ready to meet the cast who will be thrown into a home together and forced to work through their issues with cameras watching 24/7?

-Arley, 21: she is an official dreamer (DACA), Arley is also a mom to a 4-year-old, which we have not really seen before. Seeing how she will handle being away from her son will be interesting but how she handles living with a Republican will also be a sight as she was unable to become a nurse due to her status as a dreamer.
-Dondre, 25: the Republican! But, he also has a back story. He is a Trump supporter and apparently loud and proud but also, African-American and pansexual so he is kind of a mixed bag. Maybe Arley can open his eyes a bit. 
-Clint, 28: Instagram famous, he has hopes of a bigger life though he is supposed to go home and take over his conservative family's farming business. Can the show help him escape his fate?
-Justin, 26: a Masters student, he is focused on African-American Studies so I am sure he will have a thing or two to say to Dondre about his beliefs. He also has a girlfriend who lives far away but will there be temptation in Hotlanta? 
-Meagan, 23: a Southern belle, she is a virgin, waiting for marriage. What will she think of young mother, Arley?
-Tovah, 26: taking her childhood trauma and turning it around, she is now a caseworker for CPS and wants to open a foster home. Her traumas will come out in the show, for sure and she will form bonds with the cast and open some eyes. 
-Yasmin, 27: a feminist who identifies as pansexual, she left her conservative identity behind so I can see her clashing but in a good way. 

This is a far cry from the original show where the ages were 18-25 and it was on MTV but hey, change is good. You can catch it on Facebook Watch premiering June 13th at 12pm ET.


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