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'Darcey and Stacey' Season One Finale Review!


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Oh Darcey and Stacey. Who gave them their own show again? Oh yeah; TLC! They'll spin-off anything and why not create a show around these two, since four seasons of Darcey Silva just was not enough. As we saw, throughout the whole season of 'Darcey and Stacey,' it was a hot mess party. Stacey had brought her 90 day fiance, Florian, over to Connecticut. However, her father had a strict rule that the twins could not have guys in the home he bought them. Fair. So, Stacey got an AirBNB for her and her fiance, which was quickly shut down because of COVID. During all of this, Darcey fell in love with Georgi, whom she met during Super Bowl, and then they reunited in New York and had a rendezvous. High on sex, the twins decided they would go to LA to try to relaunch their clothing line, something Florian was not too thrilled about. He did not like the idea of having to uproot his life again and move to LA on a dream. Papa Silva also told his girls he would not be the financial backer this time around so there is that.

Right as they are prepping to go on their adventure, Papa tells them COVID is running rampant and it is not a good time to travel. Though they are bummed, they oblige and stay in CT. Plus, they have bigger fish to fry as it looks like Florian was not faithful to Stacey. With his fabulous personality? Eye roll. Stacey and Florian end up moving into a hotel situation and Darcey is desperate for Georgi to come see her but he realizes the dangers with a pandemic. He eventually comes and they move in down the hall from her sister and are now living together. Yes, she leaves her two daughters behind with her dad at the house for a man. We soon learn Georgi is actually still married and he told her when they first met but she did not listen.

She tells everyone when she introduces Georgi but the bigger issue is Stacey and Florian decide to get married late at night without telling anyone which is her bomb to drop. Darcey one ups her by sharing a video of Florian in bed with the same girl he was accused of cheating on her with. He finally admitted they kissed and that was it. Yeah, sure, that was all. It is just a cry fest with no tears.

Time for the finale. Florian and Stacey's mini-moon to Rhode Island is here and they invite Darcey and Georgi. She always looks so jealous and she gets mad when a girl, whom he dated years ago, puts fire emojis on a pic of him on Instagram. At dinner, which he cooked, she brings it up and then he says she has a baby and he has not talked to her in a year so Stacey asks if it is his baby. He is just so blown away by this question, he can barely answer. This causes a huge fight and they do not even sleep in the same bed. Florian and Georgi have formed this bromance because they are both with these crazy women and they can understand the struggle. It's a good thing for each other. 

The next day, Darcey tries to act like nothing happened and Georgi is not having it, especially since he brought a ring to propose, with him. Now, he is questioning everything. But, due to a People Magazine article, we all know they got engaged. There is a bunch of back and forth and finally, Darcey and Georgi go on a boat trip where he gives one of the worst proposals. Like "you marry me? Well?" Darcey needs a dramatic pause and then she says yes. They get back to the house and share the big news with her sister and Florian and Stacey starts crying (shocker) and they start singing in their confessional about weddings and stuff. This was painful. This whole show was a trainwreck but you could not turn away because I needed to know if Florian would get a personality; if Georgi's hair would frizz; would they ever shed real tears. But, we made it through two months. Who thinks the wedding will happen? Let us know!


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